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A subsidiary of the American Medical Association


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 “Crack the code” to help AMA Insurance become more relevant as an insurance choice for U.S. physicians. Further penetrate the competitive physician market by driving brand awareness, engagement, applications and revenue.


When you go beyond product features and attributes
to create emotional connections, you build a brand promise that is harder to deliver, but hardest to duplicate.


We conducted focus groups, concept testing and national online surveys with thousands of U.S. physicians to give us the knowledge and insight to sharpen the brand position from “insurance products and services exclusively for physicians” to “helping U.S. physicians achieve a healthy financial future.”


This broadened the conversation beyond insurance and tapped into an un-met need among doctors young and old – finding someone they trust to provide financial and insurance advice.


A print, email, podcast and media relations campaign launched the new brand externally, and internal brand training enabled leadership to build a positive team and make changes needed to operationalize the brand promise.

To activate the brand using a combination of Content + Thought Leadership, we conducted national quantitative research with thousands of physicians, residents and medical students and published a series of Reports on U.S. Physicians Financial Preparedness over 5 years which included advisor advice, peer comparison opportunities and learning event opportunities. More



Concept testing, brand development, positioning, logo, look + feel, brand guidelines, key messages, advertising, email marketing, website copywriting, research, new product branding, content strategy and development, advertising, video, media relations.


The AMAI rebrand resulted in a more effective and differentiated position in a highly competitive set, with success evidenced by increased advertising response rates, excellent visibility and improved sales. Additionally, AMAI was able to leverage insights to shape strategy, introduce new products, and build relationships.


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