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A subsidiary of the American Medical Association


Create original content that is meaningful to U.S. physicians, residents and students

to build brand differentiation and equity for AMA Insurance.


If constructed well, there will be value beyond the survey data itself.


We proposed and implemented an ongoing national research study to understand the attitudes and corresponding behaviors of physicians related to personal financial issues and insurance.  Ultimately our goal was to build brand awareness and deliver added value through the timed release of high interest, relevant original content – that wasn’t all about insurance.

Physicians expressed early interest in the opportunity to compare themselves to other physicians and to learn more about their own financial situation, insurance needs and retirement readiness.

From there, we turned the national survey data into proprietary content by developing a series of U.S. Physicians’ Financial Preparedness Reports. Findings from these reports earned media coverage, by-lined articles, interviews and mentions throughout physician publications and blogs over 5 years. More importantly, the national survey approach enabled AMAI to invite all physicians into the conversation and created content bytes for use in email communications, webinars, microsites and events. 

With a series of timely educational U.S. Financial Preparedness Reports by physician segment (Age, Women, Resident, Retired, etc.) we invited thousands of physicians to share details about their financial lives and frank, open-ended advice to their younger constituents.


Research, content development, media relations, social media, blogs, infographics, podcasts, email, white papers, advertorials, webinars, presentations, in-person events.


Client built a proprietary trove of knowledge about their customers they could leverage throughout their business. The research drove AMAI’s website visits, email opens and engagement, and advanced AMAI as a thought-leader among U.S. physicians.

The campaign won LightForce and AMAI the coveted “Best of Show”at the Professional Insurance
Marketing Association (PIMA) in 2015.


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