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Develop and implement internal brand training to educate and align employees in a new 15-hospital network to embrace the overarching strategy of the rebrand, clearly understand their role, and operationalize Indiana University Health’s new brand promise through new Standards of Service.


Internal branding can do more than build awareness.
If created and launched synergistically, the result leads
to more significant buy-in, internalization of the brand concepts and ultimately an inherent ability for internal stakeholders to effectively “live the brand.”


Using a disciplined internal branding process, LightForce Marketing developed and provided the strategy, curriculum, and in-person and video training modules to engage 30,000 employees in a bold new IU Health brand.

Activated and trained a 200+ person internal brand network to cascade information to their teams and wrote interactive video training that became mandatory for all employees.


Internal brand strategy, curriculum, key messages, modular training sessions, brand network activation.


The internal branding and communications efforts were considered an essential strategy as IU Health rebranded itself as the largest and most comprehensive system in Indiana. The move caused more than 10 hospitals to switch from their long-standing community hospital brand and completely change their name, logo, signage, uniform and adopt consistent standards of service.

The internal engagement campaign exceeded specific goals for employee awareness, familiarity and understanding of the brand promise. 


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