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Architect and execute a seamless, organic and effective internal branding program to roll out a new brand strategy, logo and visual identity across the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) and align staff and volunteer behaviors to fully realize the impact of the new MSI brand. 


Well-executed internal branding efforts do more than just increase understanding and support from employees. It can lead to the internalization of brand values, invite greater synergy within teams, open doors for new collaboration and facilitate change in culture.  


Heavily leveraging the Museum of Science and Industry’s well-researched new brand strategy, LightForce Marketing established and activated a layered internal branding initiative that leveraged internal teams to operationalize the brand promise throughout MSI.


With a comprehensive training program designed to educate and motivate internal teams to lean into the power of the rebrand, the initiative activated internal leadership as Brand Champions and emphasized brand education, consistency of visual brand application, adoption of a new brand voice, and defined and implemented opportunities to operationalize the MSI brand.

The effort was clearly articulated, fully supported by leadership and integrated into recognition and performance systems to ensure compliance and measurement.


Internal communications, brand filter, brand voice, brand training, brand council development, brand presentations, brand guidelines training and review processes, operationalizing brand plans, brand launch activities led by the Brand Council, measurement and evaluation of initiative.


The internal branding initiative at MSI not only built stronger internal teams and morale, it contributed to improved processes and policies across departments to optimize the guest experience, supported the transformation of the Guest Admissions team, added brand levers for recruiting and interviewing techniques, and elevated the brand value among its 750 employees and volunteers.


The visual identity and brand voice activation continues today.


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